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The Danger And Causes Of Falling Or Fainting

Fainting is a brief loss consciousness, often referred to as a blacking out or passing out. Falls that occur as a result of fainting spells are more common among older adults. Since many people do not remember losing consciousness prior to falling, a fall may actually be faint in disguise. A faint or fall can easily result in serious injury or disability, so if you have experienced either of these, it is important to have the right medical evaluation.

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Faint and Fall Centers offers You the Best Diagnostic

There are many possible causes of fainting and falling, including cardiac conditions, a neurological cause, a metabolic disorder, or stress. This often makes accurate diagnosis difficult. Many people seeking diagnosis have experienced the frustration of seeing many different doctors in multiple locations over an extended period of time. As well as having unnecessary tests and procedures while facing the risk of an additional faint or fall.

Why You Should Choose Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates

The Faint and Fall Center at Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates is the only center of its kind in the area, was created as a one-stop resource for patients who want to pinpoint the cause of a faint and fall. It brings together a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to quickly diagnose and treat the cause of the faint and fall. At the Center, you will be seen by experts in evaluating faints and falls. If another specialist is needed, they will see you in the same location. Our specialists use state of the art scientific data to guide decision-making and order only the most appropriate tests, resulting in fewer unnecessary procedures, a shorter time to diagnosis – and your peace of mind. Our comprehensive approach to evaluating and treating faints and falls helps to reduce your risk of a faint or fall-related injury and prevent expensive inpatient hospital stays. Click here to find out more about us in our about page.

Faint and Fall Center Testimonials

Dr. Andrew Rudnick has been such salvation in my daughter’s life in this past year. Unfortunately, she suffers from P.O.T.S. and he has been working with her to try to treat her symptoms and give her some relief. She was diagnosed five years ago and he’s done more for her than two other cardiologists have been able to do from large teaching hospitals in such a short period of time. We highly recommend him, he’s kind and caring and listens to the needs of his patients which really make all of the difference!”

Lisa M Panzone

“Wonderful group of highly skilled and caring staff.”

Paul L. Marciano 

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Faint and Fall Facts:

  • Fainting accounts for up to 3% of all emergency department visits
  • Fainting is the sixth leading cause of hospitalization for people older than 65 and is responsible for approximately 10% of falls in older adults
  • Fainting occurs when the blood pressure gets too low (hypotension) and the heart is not pumping a normal supply of oxygen to the brain.
  • One serious cause of fainting is because of abnormal heart rhythms and is triggered by underlying heart problems.

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