Cardiac/Peripheral Vascular Catheterizations

Cardiac Catetherization

A cardiac catheterization is a procedure in which a catheter, or a long hollow tube, is inserted through an artery towards the heart. Dye is then injected under X-ray in order to visualize the arteries of the heart muscle. If necessary, a stent may be inserted in order to open a blocked artery.

Traditionally done through an artery in the groin, the interventional cardiologists of Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates, under the lead of William Schafranek, MD, Medical Director of the Cardiac Catheterization laboratory at Hunterdon Medical Center, are trained at completing this procedure through an artery in the wrist. Known as the transradial approach, this technique enhances patient comfort and mobility after the procedure and greatly shortens the hospital stay. And at the same time it reduces the risk of bleeding complications. With close to 85% of our cardiac catheterizations done transradially and far exceeding the national average, our interventional cardiologists are among the most experienced in the state at this technique.

Our interventional cardiologists also have available and are proficient at using some of the most cutting edge technology currently available for the interventional treatment of coronary artery disease, including bioabsorbable stents, calcium cutting tools, and the Impella percutaneous left ventricular assist device.

Peripheral Catetherization

The interventional cardiologists of HCA can also provide similar catheterization services that can be provided to help open up blocked arteries in the peripheral vasculature, including the extremities, the gut, and the kidneys, as well as for the treatment of deep venous thrombosis of the extremities. Combined with a guideline based approach for noninvasive screening in partnership with our accredited vascular imaging department, we treat patients with both acute and chronic symptoms of peripheral arterial disease.

What to Expect When Getting a Cardiac/Peripheral Vascular Catheterization

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