Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates Recognized as 2019 Champions for Hypertension in Control

The ONLY Specialty Practice in the United States to be Recognized out of this year’s 17 Champions!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced 16 Primary Care Practices and one Specialty Practice of the 2019 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge across the United States.

The Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge is a competition to identify practices, clinicians, and health systems that have worked with their patients to achieve hypertension control rates of at least 80%. The Champions’ stories are intended to inspire other practices and health systems to focus on improving hypertension control.
Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke and can be a potentially life-altering problem for tens of millions of people in the United States.

Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates has joined the ranks of 118 Hypertension Control Champions, Nation Wide, who have demonstrated success in hypertension control among their patients since this initiative began in 2012.

To be eligible, entrants shared verifiable blood pressure control data on their patients and highlighted successful strategies and best practices adopted by the practice or system. Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates achieved control rates of at least 80% for their adult patients by using a variety of approaches, including the following:

  • Making blood pressure control a priority for all their patients
  • Using a treatment protocol for a hypertension diagnosis
  • Personalized management to targeted goal
  • Supporting lifestyle changes that impact blood pressure such as nutritional counseling and exercise programs
  • Offering flexible appointment times to meet the needs of patients and easy access to providers for follow-up
  • Using electronic health records to generate reports for patients who require follow-up and feedback on overall performance in blood pressure control
  • Engaging patients in their care, utilizing self-measured blood pressure monitoring and diaries

Million Hearts® is a national initiative, co-led by CDC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2022. Saving lives through better blood pressure control has been a longstanding CDC priority. “This Challenge has demonstrated that implementing proven, effective, and often inexpensive interventions can lead to better blood pressure control,” said Laurence Sperling, MD, a board-certified cardiologist and executive director of Million Hearts®. “Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Champions are a network and community of dedicated professionals committed to sharing lessons learned and best practices. Importantly, we know that hypertension control prevents heart attacks and strokes and saves lives.” CDC recognizes the Champions’ performance and shares their lessons learned to inspire others to focus on achieving similar success.

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